Medical Hypnotherapy

Medical Hypnotherapy is a valuable adjunct to medical treatment and general patient care.

   The fundamental usefulness of hypnosis in medicine and healing has been controversial for more than 200 years since Anton Mesmer produced the body of work now recognized as the beginning of Clinical Hypnosis. With recent developments in medical hypnosis, in particular, the understanding is that the power of hypnosis can have profound implications for treatment. The patient's attitude is one of the most important factors in their successful outcome. Medical Hypnotherapy is an underutilized therapeutic modality.

   I was trained at the Hypnotherapy Academy in Santa Fe, NM, and certified by the International Board of Hypnotherapy.

                        A few good reasons to use Medical Hypnosis:

Pre Surgery Calming and Potentiation
Post Operative Pain Control and Accelerated Healing
IV Starts and Needle Phobias
Regain Normal Sleep Patterns
Childbirth Preparation
Accelerate Healing
Pain Management
Stress Reduction

   When under medical or mental health care,  it is important that your doctor be aware and OK with you using Hypnosis as an adjunct to their care.
For studies done using Medical Hypnosis go to


All my life I have bitten my fingernails. My mom tried every bribe she could come up with. Nothing worked. I had a Hypnotherapy session with John. It's been months and I have no desire to bite my nails! Frankly, I feel this borders on miraculous, and I am very thankful to John. I am 61 years old and I no longer hide my hands!  Thanks again John.
Robbie S Spransy,  Yucca Valley

   I was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2012. Western traditional medicine offers no treatment for ALS.  So I sought alternative healing methods and began acupuncture and naturapothic treatments, with some success.
   In January of 2013 we travelled to Palm Springs for the winter. I had been searching for self healing techniques, with little success I sought out John S Till to try Hypnotherapy. John worked with me over a series of sessions to help me with my fears, insecurities, past memories and helped me with positive reinforcement techniques. John gave me a CD to listen to for my return home. I feel it has helped me have a positive attitude and is helping me to heal. I listen to John's CD several times a day now. It is what gets me though some very tough days.
   I can't thank John enough for what he has done for me.
         Louise Kollinger,  Canada